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“A friend of mine asked me recently, was I gonna go see the new Batman movie with him. It’s just I don’t respect the concept of Batman because of what I understand about politics now… I’mma lay it out for you: rich dude owns a corporation. Has state of the art equipment, and he uses this to beat up on street level crime. He doesn’t mess with the industrialists, or the super capitalists, or the Murdochs, or the Trumps. He really just fuck with the person that’s just on the corner. Batman is a conservative’s wet dream. Fuck Batman.”

- Reginald D. Hunter (via honda)

Also he’s turned Gotham into an arena for playing out his own twisted little psychodrama, avenging his parents’ death over and over again, which is why he doesn’t just fucking kill the recurring villains and spare everybody the danger of their continual reappearances.

He’s a big rich man and he doesn’t want to deal with his feelings in any kind of healthy way, so an entire city is vulnerable to terrorist attack on a more or less daily basis for the sake of his sad, creepy power games.

Fuck Batman.

(via cumaeansibyl)


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